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WC22 Stadium Concept

Doha, Qatar / 2013 -

A concept for a World Cup 22 Stadium and Sport Park commissioned by the Eljaish Football Club in Qatar as a athletic legacy project.  The innovative concept creates an undulating green park surface allowing for simultaneous use by the public; amateur and professional athletes. Program is submerged along the edges of large  "craters" that house the main outdoor playing fields.  A central athletes village would house indoor athletic function such as basketball and handball; as well as administration; support facilities; a hotel and restaurants.  The Stadium is designed to house 90,000 fans during the world cup and then be partially dismantled to allow for a more modest 20,000 to 30,000 capacity stadium post world cup.  The roof of the stadium would be created by a membrane clad timber grid-shell structure to create expansive spans with open perimeter to allow views to the park beyond.

1317_101_RUF_GARDEN_WIP2 copy.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_location.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_plan.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_east elevation 18.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_west elevation 16.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_south elevation 19.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_north elevation 17.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_birdseye 14.jpg
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130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_postwc interior 5.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_elev detail2 7.jpg
130730 Qatar_Main_Stadium_Concept_sectionview post wc 3.jpg
overall plan WC park level 3.jpg
overall plan WC street level 4.jpg
overall plan post WC park level 1.jpg
overall plan post WC street level 2.jpg
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