Eine Phantastische Kunstwerk

Vancouver, British Columbia

At 245m in diameter, the Phantastische Kunstwerk will be the tallest condominium tower in Vancouver, and the tallest ferris wheel in the entire world. Setting a new paradigm for condo living with every resident having access to the same view, depending on the time of the week.

The units complete a full 360-degree rotation every week with multiple high speed elevators running on the interior to ensure you can get home any time of day, no matter where your home is.

Rural Urban Fantasy Project

Rural Urban Fantasy Project

'Think of
Eine Phantastische Kunstwerk as a giant wheel, at the peak of its rotation, revealing the world to Vancouver and Vancouver to the world.'


Kunstwerk_Board Layout_05.jpg
Kunstwerk_Board Layout_02.jpg
Kunstwerk_Board Layout_03.jpg
Kunstwerk_Board Layout_04.jpg
Kunstwerk_Board Layout_01.jpg