Fini et Infini : Secret Garden

Jardins de Metis / Montreal, QC

As an idealization of nature in miniature, the garden is, in essence, an illusion. It is through the careful crafting of this idealized illusion of nature that it creates an oasis where one can connect, understand and feel the cycle of the seasons, and through this experience feel a part of the natural world. As a place of contemplation, of beauty, and of peace Fini et Infini acts as an antithesis to the real world we inhabit.

The garden is the inversion of the prairie, where in lieu of the finite sitting within the infinite, the garden creates the infinite within the finite. The abstraction of the prairie farm house is painted black, and built in reverse, with the framing to the outside and the lap boards to the interior and sits on a field of black earth. The interior walls are lined with mirrors, and the house is planted with a field of wheat. Viewers are meant to experience the space alone, or in groups of two. The house is without a roof to allow the blue sky to reflect and assist the illusion of the infinite prairie creating a sublime and private garden with an endless horizon of endless possibilities.