Cassius Residence

Vancouver / 2017

A full renovation of a turn of the century craftsman house in Vancouver's Point Grey neighborhood.  Taking advantage of the panoramic views to the north shore;  the layout is a gradient from traditional to modern as you move through from south to north. 

The informality, openness and cross functionality of the modern spaces contrast with the formality of the living room; giving the family the opportunity to have the best of both worlds - a cozy character home and a modern light filled home. The upstairs master bedroom, with its incredible view, was rethought as an open set of spaces that fully take advantage of the original roof structure, exposing the ceiling completely through the introduction of new fir collar ties. A light steel structure allowed us to support the full expanse of glass to the north facade; bringing the outside into the house. The downstairs slab was dropped to create higher ceilings for the family room; and a large pivot door was placed in the middle of the glass facade to support a direct connection to the outdoor garden. For us it was important to maintain the character of the house, not just in its aesthetic; but in its quirky spaces and unexpected moments; and build up on it with modern layer that allowing the house to embrace a modern way of living.

Lower Floor Plan-01.png
Main Floor Plan-01.png
Upper Floor Plan-01.png