Gulf Islands Boathouse

Gulf Islands, British Columbia / 2011

Acting as the main access to the site and located roughly in the same location at the top of the original 1960's boat ramp; the new Boat House was designed as an enclosure for the client's 26' double hull motorboat.   Compromised of a 80' ft long concrete ramps with electric remote controlled winch; the boat can be pulled up into the boathouse and stored.   The boathouse itself is designed to be a simple, elegant roof, cantilevering over the slope to maximize the height allowed for the boat itself while minimizing the visual impact of the enclosure from the house and property. A minimal material palette of naturally oiled Alaskan yellow cedar and concrete reinforces the simplicity of the structure; eventuating the beauty of the boat while parked.  The boathouse rests on a cantilevered concrete base that helps to stabilize the bank with a minimal foundation footprint.   Nestled in the trees and rock, the boathouse remains hidden until under direct approach by water.